Benefits of Accreditation

1. Assurance for clients of the medical transport provider

A full accreditation by any accrediting body is a badge of quality which any medical transport company would be proud to wear. It indicates that the transport services offered by that certain company meets the highest standards, assuring users of the level of service quality and automatically earns the user’s vote of confidence. The accreditation is a certification of excellence which compels customers to secure transport services from the accredited company, preferring it over all others.

2. Service Recognition

Despite the fact that in theory accreditation is optional, certain governmental entities and nations need transport providers to hold at least one accreditation in order to obtain a license to operate. The requirement for certification serves as a guarantee that the transport provider's services adhere to national public safety requirements.

3. Dependibility

By demonstrating a commitment to patient comfort and care, accreditation ensures the air medical transport provider unavoidable requirement to adhere to minimal standards. Transport providers can stand out to current and new customers despite the lengthy and somewhat expensive accreditation review procedure. One component of accreditation audits the transportation component. The other component of those requirements evaluates the transport team's expertise as well as proper medical treatment, a variety of crucial Trauma level services, emergency response, and adherence to tight screening of staff.

4. Lower insurance premiums

Because of their commitment to quality and rigorous safety standards, licensed transportation providers are typically charged lower insurance rates. Many assistance companies and/or governments prefer accredited transport providers, and because of their reputation, they are more likely to be awarded contracts.



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